Work time record application

Work time planning application


For large enterprises (600+ employees). This module helps plan and process work time in accordance with the labour law. It provides on-point reports, ensures the organisedflow of leave requests, and takes into account employee availability. It is easy and quick to create an equivalent, standard, task-oriented, shift, and flexible schedules. Processes, quality, and costs of labour clearly improve.

Software for recording work time – applications

Managing the work time of the entire staff at a major firm often may prove to be quite challenging. The multitude of tasks and documents to deal with makes it easy to make sub-optimal decisions, with losses accumulating through lack of oversight or imperfect work organisation. This makes software aiding in work time planning pay back for itself easily. How does the IWQ Planner work?

The online IWQ Planner – features

All employees are given individualised access data and may login onto the system – via a web browser – and can see their schedule. The application then records their working hours – with provision for breaks. This is not all that the application is capable off, however. Work time managing software also is an efficient tool for managing leave requests. All it takes is for the employee – using the application – to mark the dates of the requested leave and indicate its type – e.g. Statutory Leave, Sick Leave or Leave On Demand. The next step is posting it to their manager for acceptance. The request then appears on the account of the person responsible for the relevant work team – that person then has to decide whether to grant or deny the request.  A supervisor may easily make up their mind by consulting the online time managing application. All this cuts down on red tape.

Work time planning software makes managing leave time plans easier too. The system provides benefits to the staff by telling them how many days of leave they still are eligible for, hence helping them plan their leisure time. Hence if Your organisation encounters problems with time planning then it should find this programme to be very helpful. The IWQ Planner will allow You to organise your current tasks – and will send out reminders if necessary.

Time planning – the benefits from implementation of the IWQ Planner system

A work time planning programme is one of the best existing tools for optimising work time. Its greatest benefits are ease of use and a great wealth of built-in features. The time planning programme provides the user not only with the means to create and to follow up schedules, to submit leave requests or tracking time at work, but also with automatic generation of reports. The module allows for time planning. A programme of this type gives users the possibility to organise their work time in the most efficient manner. Schedules may be updated and edited on the fly and – most importantly – at the end of the month it is possible to verify if – or to what degree – relevant targets had been achieved. This may be help a person become better organised in the future or simply become aware of what mistakes they are making.

The IWQ Planner both brings down labour costs and improves the quality of work rendered by the workforce. The time planning programme makes previously wasted time now be used in an optimal manner. It also makes controlling the execution of tasks easier. The IWQ Planner is not particularly costly yet generates substantial savings to the company, with such effects becoming apparent within a month from implementation. The time planning application is thus a reasonable and financially sound choice, which would provide many benefits.

Who will find the IWQ Planner useful?

The IWQ Planner is a programme dedicated for large firms with at least 600 employees. Hence it is a recommended solution for the manufacturing sector and for corporations. Additionally the IWQ Planner will prove to be of sterling worth for firms operating at several sites, regardless of how physically close or distant these might be. This software is also of great use when employing people who e-commute, as in their case supervision and time planning are much more difficult.

The timesheets provide an insight into what employees are doing. This module has an intuitive user interface. An interesting feature is the possibility of comparing actual time usage versus what had been scheduled for. Furthermore, the software allows 24/7 access to data as well as exporting reports to Excel, the latter feature being helpful with all sorts of calculations. The work time monitoring programme does not require any changes to a company’s IT structure nor the purchase of any expensive hardware. The maximal use of the staff’s nominal working time will generate substantial savings thus it seems worthwhile to implement work time managing software as soon as possible.

What is IWQ Planner for?

Planning work time takinginto account Processing work time Analysis of results
  • the Labour Code and opinions of the Chief Labour Inspectorate
  • employee availability
  • business hours
  • forecast sales
  • staffing
  • recording of actual hours worked / time tracking
  • absence tracking
  • creating work time records
  • comparison of consecutive versions of workforce planning
  • comparison of the initial workforce plan to the initially planned one
  • optimising work time

Functional areas of IWQ Planner

Planning and processing work time With automatic messengers and individual parameters, the system accelerates planning and time tracking
Leave request flow With our request module, we streamlined leave request monitoring and flow
Employee availability The number of plan versions is reduced by taking into account schedule requests


  • Over 40 reports in the system
  • Access to current reports 24/7
  • Clear graphical information
  • Report export to Excel
  • Custom reports

Selected operating reports Selected executive reports
  • Time Sheet
  • Overtime report
  • Summary report
  • Schedule printing
  • Attendance lists
  • Absence statistics
  • Leave limits
  • Planned vs performed work deviations
  • Employee nominal work time use

IWQ Planner means security and eliminates the risk of financial penalties with its automatedmessaging both interlocking and warning. The messages conform to applicable Labour Code regulations and customer policies and thus facilitate work planning in line with corporate business needs.

The system can be integrated with most popular ERP systems such as Workday, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ECC,  Teta Constallation, Teta 2000, Macrologic Xpertis, Microsoft Dynamix AX, Simple.ERP or Symfonia.

Key advantages of IWQ Planner:

  • Clear and intuitive work schedule and work time recording
  • Flexible scheduling in equivalent working hours and flexible working hours schemes
  • Security: conformity with current Labour Code, Chief Personal Data Protection Inspectorate, and GDPR
  • Easy to implement and simple operation for the IT department with a web browser
  • Significant reduction of remuneration costs: optimised work time through:
  • full use of available working hours (nominal working hours):
    • reduced number of compensable overtime
    • reduced losses due to staffing shortages during productive hours and stoppages during non-productive hours
    • Export of data to HR and payroll systems
  • Advanced process analysis streamlines human resources management

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