Eployee documents archive

IWQ Dossier

The module known as employee e-folder is a perfect solution for every employer, regardless of the number of employees.

IWQ Dossier is the response of our clients needs to keep employee documentation in an easy, transparent and electronic form.
The range of employee documentations:

– employees’ personal files – A B C D;

– documentation related to the employment relationship – holiday leaves, timesheets, health and safety, pay slips.

To the stored in the system documents are assigned metadata (in separate XML files), and each document can be effectively searched for, e.g. based on metadata. Our system meets all the requirements of the Ordinance by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy of December 10, 2018.

Moreover, the module has also the additional functionalities which enable flexible management of system users’ rights.  System also helps to the HR department to control the term of archiving regards to polish labor law.

Electronic personal files of employees – why it’s worth?

When running an enterprise, regardless of its size, it is important to keep the documentation in order.

This is particularly important when it comes to the employment and educational history of our staff, which is very important during audits as well as when HR departments need to verify an employee’s details or issue copies of documentation to the employee.

That’s why electronic employee records are an extremely helpful tool that relieves us from doing maintaining work off our team’s files.

Often referred to as e-file, it is a program stored in the cloud or on another server that contains comprehensive information (personal files and documentation related to the employment relationship) about our employees.

An employee personnel file kept in this format allows us to quick access the documents we require, if they need to be referenced for any reason.

For our Client, as an entrepreneur legally responsible for his company, it provides easy and quick access to documentation even when working remotely and, above all, security in situations of sudden or announced inspections carried out by the relevant authorities.

E-file, or more broadly E-documentation, is also a convenient alternative to the method of storing data on our staff.

By moving to a modern model, we allow you to free up physical space that would be occupied by numbers of pages filled with meta-information, in favor of electronic documents that can be stored on your internal servers as well as in the cloud (i.e., remote server rooms), depending on your needs.

Such stored files are not only a convenience for business owners, but the risk of valuable data being stolen or lost in a fire or flood is also eliminated.

We also invite you to take a big step towards the future of your business and set up e-file folders for your staff, which will facilitate the work of many departments, including accounting and HR, while increasing convenience and budget savings.

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