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iwqdynamic - rozliczanie czasu pracy w chmurze

IWQ Dynamic is a version of a proven system for planning and processing work time, IWQ Planner adapted for small and medium enterprises with 10 to 600 employees. IWQ Dynamic is installed in a cloud by IntraworQ and provided as SaaS (Software as a Service).

What is IWQ Dynamic for?

Planning work time takinginto account Processing work time Analysis of results
  • the Labour Code and opinions of the Chief Labour Inspectorate
  • employee availability
  • business hours
  • forecast sales
  • staffing
  • recording of actual hours worked / time tracking
  • absence tracking
  • creating work time records
  • comparison of consecutive versions of workforce planning
  • comparison of the initial workforce plan to the initially planned one
  • optimising work time

Functional areas of IWQ Dynamic

Planning and processing work time With automatic messengers and individual parameters, the system accelerates planning and time tracking
Leave request flow With our request module, we streamlined leave request monitoring and flow
Employee availability The number of plan versions is reduced by taking into account schedule requests


  • Over 40 reports in the system
  • Access to current reports 24/7
  • Clear graphical information
  • Report export to Excel
  • Custom reports

Selected operating reports Selected executive reports
  • Time Sheet
  • Overtime report
  • Summary report
  • Schedule printing
  • Attendance lists
  • Absence statistics
  • Leave limits
  • Planned vs performed work deviations
  • Employee nominal work time use

Key advantages of IWQ Dynamic:

  • Minimum initial fees
  • Short introduction time
  • No need to invest in IT technical infrastructure
  • Clear and intuitive work schedule and work time recording
  • Flexible scheduling in equivalent working hours and flexible working hours schemes
  • Security: conformity with current Labour Code, Chief Personal Data Protection Inspectorate, and GDPR
  • Easy to implement and simple operation for the IT department with a web browser
  • Significant reduction of remuneration costs: optimised work time through:
    • full use of available working hours (nominal working hours)
    • reduced number of compensable overtime
    • reduced losses due to staffing shortages during productive hours and stoppages during non-productive hours
  • Advanced process analysis streamlines human resources management

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