Work time planning and management arethe keycorporate processes. Such areas astime records, leave records, and time sheets are, unfortunately, most often addressed as HR operations. At the current dynamic pace of business growth, reaction to changes in, for example, sales trends and production volumes makes these areas vital in managing the modernbusiness.

ABC of work time management means:

  • Work time planning
  • Time and absence tracking
  • Appropriate internal process organisation

IntraworQ focuses on providing IT tools that support work time management, for example. With advanced process analysis, we streamline human resources management. Our solutions combine knowledge and practical experience in complex organisational structures.

Work time management is more than just everyday organisation. It is an effective way to achieve goals and the basic activity that should be part of each day of your business.

Budgeting and invoice labelling are elementary actions carried out regularly in most enterprises in the world. The same processes should take place in work time management in stores, on production lines, in warehouses, customer service centres, and in most places where costs are generated.


We help streamline such processes as planning and optimising workforce size for actual needs. Resultant savings can be invested in company development. We provide advice and identify inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and grey zones.

Cohesive and clear information about the company

WTMS-ONE combines all things HR (data on available hours, leaves, labour law restrictions, etc.) with business areas such as sales forecasts and chain visitors statistics. In other sectors, for example,logistics, WTMS-ONE helps collect the planned number of pallets and distribute it as packaging in a warehouse. WTMS-ONE presents data on production plans that are translated into employees with appropriate skills and licences, which makes it a source of coherent information for planners.

The key sources of savings are related to:

  • Limiting
    • the number of compensable overtime
    • unrecorded short-term leaves
    • the number of additional seasonal employees
  • Minimisationof stoppages through adapting the staffing to business needs
  • Full use of available work hours (nominal work hours)
  • Reduction of time necessary to calculate remuneration and prepare work plans
  • Operational and executive reporting
  • Monitoring of actual hours worked
  • Support of multiple sales channels and dispersed structures


We change the approach to the personnel management process from reactive stance and analysis of past events to the proactiveattitude that facilitates quick responses to negative situations before they take place and flexible adaptation to changing trends.

100% readiness for the dynamicbusiness environment.

With knowledge from numerous sources, clear and user-friendly interface (also for mobile devices), advanced analytics, sales curves, input-outputanalysis in retail chains, and changes in production volumes (including what-if analyses), WTMS-ONE provides you with full comfort in an easily manageable and predictable environment.

Key functions and features of WTMS-ONE

  • Planning and processing in annual, half-year, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily modes
  • Definitions, flowcharts, templates, group work support
  • Introduction of staffing limits (expected position manning)
  • For business units with a possibility to create separate roles and credential groups
  • Live access to information: operating reports such as schedule and attendance list print-outs
  • Single absence data source
  • Time sheet, a summaryof overtime and recipients
  • Daily and weekly rest, settlement periods of 1 to 12 months
  • Daily work hours with appropriate classification of overtime
  • Time off requested by employee or employer, making up for leaving postfor personal reasons
  • Staffing forecast
  • Dynamic management of sales and production targets
  • Determination of the most effective shift length
  • Source of BIG DATA

Increased profits

The comprehensive image of the company offered by BIG DATA from WTMS-ONE is the perfect starting point for optimisation of performance and identification of potential areas for growth and expansion of the organisation. Using historical data in a data warehouse, transaction systems (POS), telephone exchanges, and employee performance indicators, WTMS-ONE helps select personnel to business goals and indicate potential growth areas or lost operational or sales opportunities.

We process over 50 million hours a year!

Our systems supportover 30,000 employees a month and plan over 50 million work hours a year.

Key indicators of improved performance

  • Sales curve – increased turnover
  • Traffic curve – increased customer visits in chain stores
  • Sales planning based on weather variability and its effect on customer behaviour
  • Increased sales conversion
  • Reduced processing time at the cashdesk
  • Reduced waiting time in call centres
  • Improved performance of manufacturing cells
  • Reduced maintenance stoppages
  • Increased production volume standards


Standards implemented in WTMS-ONE ensure complete security and risk control, both in terms of IT and business, related to the implementation of a new tool in your organisation.

Business security – also in case of legal changes

In order to ensure an appropriate level of protection of data processed in the system, WTMS-ONE undergoes regular audits. Great competencies of our consultants ensure uninterrupted operation also during times of legal changes.

Security in WTMS-ONE

  • Implemented in numerous companies, supported by credentials from global brands operating on the Polish market
  • Adopted to the specific requirements of various industries, distribution centres, warehouses, retail chains, and manufacturing facilities
  • Easy to implement and simple operation for the IT department (via a web browser)
  • Regularly audited by legal firms
  • Handles various working hours schemes such as equivalent time, flexible, standard, task-oriented, etc.
  • Ensures regular updates to reflect changing regulations
  • It supports safe personal data access rules (password strength verification, regular password changes, history of passwords, integration with LDAP, etc.)

Funding schemes

To use our services, you can employ various funding models because a dynamic business environment requires a constant search for the best solutions for our customers. We support projects with EU co-funding and have financial possibilities to facilitate the purchaseof our products. A new approach in the market is ‘revenue share’ based on joint success.

Funding of WTMS-ONE

  • Hire lease
  • Purchase of SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Traditional transaction: purchase of a licence, implementation, and training

Success guaranteed. We make money for you

We have developed optimum ways to deploy WTMS-ONE in business units at every stage of growth. The guaranteed performance of our products lets you use the solutions you need without any initial capital.